10 Finalists Selected in the Category Cyber Security & Privacy

Ten startups have been shortlisted out of 67 applicants in the category Cyber Security & Privacy. The finalists will pitch their ideas at the final on November 13 in Trento in front of an expert jury consisting of industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs and business accelerators.

The finalists are: 

  1. Alessandro Armando & team BYODroid from Italy
  2. Alessandro Passerini & team Cryptolab from Italy
  3. Jens Hermans & team n-Auth from Belgium
  4. Jovan Stevovic & team CHINO from Italy
  5. Matteo Bogana & team Cleafy from Italy
  6. Paul Marinescu & team "Cloud-based software testing through symbolic execution" from UK 
  7. Roberto Pittia & team Cryptobrand from Italy
  8. Stefano Alberico & team Cripto: locking for freedom from Finland
  9. Thierry Rouquet & team Sentryo ICS CyberVision from France
  10. Udo Lorenz & team D-Fence from Germany

The jury is:

  1. Wolfgang Knejski, Business Accelerator, EIT ICT Labs
  2. Jovan Golic, Cyber Security Action Line Leader, EIT ICT Labs 
  3. Bram Spitzer,  Business Accelerator, EIT ICT Labs 
  4. Daniele Vitali, Senior Manager, Reply
  5. Gabriele Elia, Manager Future Internet Technology and Research, Telecom Italia
  6. Jeanne Pirttilahti, Director Security in the Cloud Program, F-Secure Corporation

 Please register here if you would like to attend the final pitch event in Trento.  

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