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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland as a spin-off of Nokia’s Health and Wellness business, the Wellmo team leverages decades of health technology experience to develop its services.

Wellmo Mobile Health Platform enables insurance companies to create personalized and cost-efficient digital services to help their end-customers take charge of their own health, live healthier lives, reach goals, and access health services more easily. With the Wellmo versatile platform, the business customers can build their own service-set quickly and cost-effectively. With existing customer base in Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Germany Wellmo joins now to EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup program as to bring in, even more, customers and new markets.

“We had good experiences from EIT Digital’s help in the past and the new service and people seemed even better. And EIT Digital has a good network and certain quality assurance and standard - and a friendly business model. With the help of EIT Digital Accelerator, we look now confident to expand our business to new customers and markets”, Wellmo CEO and Founder Jaakko Olkkonen explains.

Wellmo is the only platform capable of helping insurance companies integrate any content, service, or software - whether in-house or third-party - into individually tailored digital health services.

“When it comes to our customers, we let the insurers use the best apps and services on the market while providing a unified experience to their users”, Mr Olkkonen continues.

Through Wellmo’s powerful web tools, insurance companies can easily manage their member population and services environment and communication with their members: they can monitor activity on a segmented basis, develop group-specific programs and service pages, create targeted campaigns and communications as well as get insights about their results.

Integration to customers’ platforms happens securely through Wellmo cloud application programming interfaces (or APIs):

“The end-user is in full control of her or his data. The Wellmo platform integrates all application data into one convenient dashboard where the user can track her or his progress. User data is securely stored in the cloud in compliance with the European Union regulations”, CEO Jaakko Olkkonen stresses.

The EIT Digital Accelerator scaleup program has a team of more than 40 dedicated international business developers and technology financing specialists operating from 14 major cities across 10 EU countries and a hub in San Francisco. The team is expanding its reach to 16 EU countries through a partner network. Since 2012, they have supported more than 260 startups in accessing new markets and helped them raise more than €90 million in investment to date.

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