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EIT Digital Summer School 2019, the summer schools were held at different locations. The one in Eindhoven was about Digital Wellbeing.

EIT Digital Summer School is opening its virtual doors at Sunday 2 August. This image is of last year at the Budapest Summer School on Digital Finance

August is the online learning month for those who want to learn how to transform tech into business. That is to conclude if you look at the agenda of the EIT Digital Summer School. From 2 August to 29 August, about 400 participants  from all over the world deep dive within 14 summer schools across Europe into 50 real-life business cases provided by EIT Digital partners. These summer schools are all held completely online.

This is the eighth year that EIT Digital is hosting its summer schools. In 2012 the EIT Digital Academy started with just two Summer Schools. This year, there are fourteen. But it is the first time, they are held completely online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Roberto Prieto, Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital has full confidence in the success of the online variant. After all, he explains, EIT Digital has a long experience in online learning methods. “In our future outlook of higher education, online education takes an important role.”

Digital player

The EIT Digital Summer School is one of the ways of how EIT Digital is working to make Europe a leading player in the digital economy, continues Prieto. "Our summer schools, centered around the themes Digital Cities,  Digital Finance, Digital Industry, Digital Tech, and Digital Wellbeing, offer all our attendees the chance to master a digital mindset and an understanding of how to turn technology into business. This knowledge is highly needed in companies in Europe.”


This is also the reason that the EIT Digital Summer schools are, alongside the EIT Digital Master School students to whom a Summer School is a mandatory part of their double degreed masters, open to professional learners and students from other study programmes. Professionals are seeing advantages in working with ‘fresh minds’  tech students on real-life business cases.  Also, the Summer Schools are a  valuable addition to the particpants’  curriculum vitae. The summer school programmes is valued at 4 ECTS. 

Crack business cases

The participants will be working on in total over fifty real business cases deriving from EIT Digital partners. These cases, about three to five per school, will be the core of the summer schools. The attendees work in teams to crack the business case for the owners. Some cases turn out to become new business as the example of Drivetrust shown. Two Summer School students decided to move on with their idea and are now running their startup.

After two weeks they will present their cases in pitches to a professional jury. In between the teamwork with international people coming from university and business all around the world, the learners will be upskilled on key technological topics and be retrieving pitch trainings and coaching. “During the whole two weeks, there will be coaches available for the Summer School teams to help the attendees preparing their final pitches”, explains Timo Nyberg, head of the EIT Digital Summer Schools.

Summer school participants get classes and work in teams on business cases. Normally all summerschools are held in cities across Europe. In 2020 the teaching, coaching, teamworking, networking and pitching will be held online.

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