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When the first students were welcomed for a Meet & Greet at the EIT ICT Labs Stockholm CLC on August 23, the idea was to give a first taste of what is different about this programme. In an unique way it combines technical education with hands- on experience, networking and skills in entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The Master School Director, Carl-Gustaf Jansson emphasised that it is not only an academic education and that the industrial involvement is an essential part of the two year programme. He suggested that the students should already think ahead about which partner companies they would be interested in for the industrial mentorship and thesis in the second year. 

Anders Caspar, Director External Research Relations at Ericsson AB, shared the company's visions of the networked society and some of the challenges that give Ericsson many reasons for being part of EIT ICT Labs and wanting to connect with the students during their education.
 – We don’t know what a company of tomorrow will look like. You can be a part of that. We want to be a part of that. We need to find the next generation business models. 

Terrence Brown, coordinator for the Innovation & Entrepreneurships minor at KTH said he would teach the students the basics about business so that they all are able to “crawl” before they learn how to “walk and run”. The technical major representatives and academic mentors, gave overviews of the first year of studies, examples of their fields of research and some career outlooks.

The Stockholm Node and CLC staff offered a guided tour of the facilities – with a special study area for the students, the video café connecting the Nodes for either casual or project related exchanges, the Multitouch wall where they may be part of the interactive display of the entire EIT ICT Labs. Node Director Gunnar Lundgren prepared the students that they will get a lot of attention as the first class of students – but also the very best treatment!

It was great to see all the enthusiastic, curious and outgoing students that came to meet and mingle, ask about both academic and practical issues, get to know the fellow students, faculty and staff. We will follow their learning journey as first class of EIT ICT Labs Master School students and share their experiences.  

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