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Boogi, an intermodal dynamic carpooling app

Boogi, an intermodal dynamic carpooling app

Boogi, an intermodal dynamic carpooling app, was deployed in Bordeaux on September 15, 2016. To celebrate its launch: transport with the app will be free until October 31, 2016.

Boogi, an intermodal dynamic carpooling application developed by the start-up Instant System with the support of EIT Digital unfolds in the French city of Bordeaux and aims to change the commuting habits of Bordeaux inhabitants and help them travel better while spending and polluting less.

Intermodal dynamic ridesharing: how does it works?

Intermodal dynamic carpooling means that you mix carpooling and public transportation.

Boogi is a revolutionary application in this area because it calculates city travel itineraries by mixing these two modes:

  • Boogi can plan a route in advance while also achieving dynamic carpooling. Example : hitchhikers, drivers and passengers are contacted in real time.
  • Boogi provides itineraries which also include public transport, thus increasing opportunities to satisfy every request. Example: Carpooling makes sense for the "drawdown" travel in the morning with the carsharing and then take public transport when leaving in the evenin

A technically ambitious project, Boogi was developed by the company Instant System with the support of EIT Digital as part of a Digital Cities innovation project.

Yann Hervouet, CEO of Instant System says, "We imagined Boogi with the reality of urban traffic and daily trips with our experience in the information we have of public transports users. To meet the needs of users and take off the practice of short-distance carpooling, we think it must be a dynamic carpooling system, combined with public transportation and accessible from a mobile phone. With the help of EIT Digital, the city of Bordeaux and our partners, we can now implement this large-scale vision."

"We are very pleased and proud to support Boogi in its deployment in Bordeaux, says Stéphane Amarger, Director of EIT Digital France. This is the result of an ambitious innovation project set up in the framework of our strategic agenda. This project particularly tackles the issue of the digital transformation of cities and society. We will follow with great interest the development of Boogi in the Bordeaux area and, hopefully, beyond."

An original and incentive operation

Available for free download on Google Play and AppStore platforms Boogi also proposes an original yet simple operation for the user.

Indeed, when carpooling, passengers pay a lump sum of €1 per trip, regardless of time or distance.

While drivers are rewarded with the award of points they can redeem against gifts offered by Boogi partners.

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