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EIT Digital innovation space at CWI

EIT Digital is opening a new innovation space at the offices of its partner Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam.

EIT Digital is opening a new innovation space at the offices of its partner Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam on 2 November. With this top location in the financial heart of the Netherlands, EIT Digital wants to boost the development of FinTech, together with its partners in the Netherlands and Europe.

The new location, at Science Park 123, offers EIT Digital a strong base to help FinTech companies and to develop new digital FinTech initiatives. The reason for opening a second EIT Digital location in the Netherlands is a strongly felt wish of the EIT Digital's partners Bright Cape, CWI, ING Bank, Philips and TNO who cooperate in various FinTech innovation activities within the pan-European ecosystem of EIT Digital. The Municipality of Amsterdam supports this wish and CWI is offering the location for it.

"For the Dutch knowledge based economy it is very important to invest in digital affairs", says Patrick Essers node-director of EIT Digital in the Netherlands. "With this location we intend, together with our partners, to develop new financial products and services based on technologies as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. Also, we will help European FinTech scaleups, including the Dutch, to expand their markets and to attract international capital. Our new co-location fits in the mission of EIT Digital to make Europe a key player in the digital world economy."

Jos Baeten, director of CWI, is happy with the choice of EIT Digital to host the new location at CWI. "By facilitating this EIT Digital satellite location, CWI wants to reinforce the Digital Finance ecosystem in the Amsterdam Metropool area. It offers chances to strengthen the relations in the financial world."

Opening November 2, 2017

CWI and EIT Digital officially open the doors of the satellite location at CWI at 2 November during a festive meeting. Guests are welcome to network with peers and to be inspired by talks from, amongst others, Willem Jonker, CEO EIT Digital, Peter Penning, IT manager ING Bank, Leonard Franken from AFM and Ger Baron, CTO of the City of Amsterdam. They will speech about the importance for supporting digital FinTech-companies. Tijs van der Storm, researcher at CWI, talks about the EIT Digital Blockchain innovation activity CWI is working on together with ING Bank, the Technical University in Berlin and Deutsche Telekom AG.

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