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EIT Digital innovation turns anyone into an expert in telecom system diagnostics!

EIT Digital has launched a new Innovation Activity, dubbed “Telecom Diagnostics”, which will develop a new commercial solution to capture all telecoms diagnostic information in a single platform. The end result? A fully interactive, self-learning, troubleshooting system for telecoms systems, that costs 1/10 of traditional diagnostic solutions. The solution, which promises to turn anyone into an expert in telecom system diagnostics, is planned to be commercially available in 2018.

The Innovation Activity Leader, Dr. Daniel Gillblad, Director of the Decisions, Networks, and Analytics (DNA) Laboratory at Swedish SICS RISE said:

“Better diagnosis of failures as well as anomalies in telecommunication networks is crucial for both breakthrough innovation and efficiency improvements. The aim of our Innovation Activity is to contribute to business and wider society by providing more robust, secure and cost-effective communications infrastructures that can withstand threats. “

By combining human knowledge with statistical machine-learning, the new diagnostics solution will make it easier and cheaper for industrial organisations to deploy telecoms diagnostic systems from scratch and keep them up-to-date.

"The system will allow an initial knowledge base to be uploaded just in minutes. Data, collected from the collective experience of customers and workforces, will continuously add to and improve the troubleshooting processes enabling optimal decisions to be made about the telecoms system even in the face of extreme uncertainty.

The solution will also provide material cost-savings both in terms of money and time. Dr. Gillblad explained:

“We believe the Telecom Diagnostics solution we’re developing to be roughly just ten percent of the total time and deployment costs of traditional diagnostic solutions. Further, with faster and more flexible troubleshooting it will help customers avoid excessive warranty claims, reduce repair times and avoid accidents and breakdowns due to human error.”

The work of the Telecom Diagnostic Innovation Activity builds on and benefits from the unique strengths and expertise of its members and their existing solutions. The following partners are participating to the work of the Innovation Activity: SICS RISE (research partner, and Innovation Activity Leader), Nokia (application partner) and Mavenoid (technology partner). Mr. Gillblad continued:

“We can use Nokia’s network equipment, build on SICS RISE’s ten-year long expertise on machine-learning and data analytics for troubleshooting, and conduct diagnosis on Mavenoid’s troubleshooting platform combining human knowledge with machine-learning. We intend to continue to leverage this partnership beyond the end of 2017 to further develop the result.”

Mavenoid will act as the Activity’s commercialising partner and will be responsible for taking the result to the market beyond 2017.


Telecom Diagnostics is one of the 13 Innovation Activities of the Digital Infrastructure Action Line of EIT Digital for 2017. The Digital Infrastructure Action Line focuses on enabling digital transformation by providing secure, robust, responsive, and intelligent communications and computation facilities for the markets.

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