This week in Trento: Digital technologies for the benefit of smart cities' inhabitants and businesses

Como SC2 data analytics tool presentation

Como SC2 data analytics tool presentation

Hackathon at the Trento Co-location centre

Hackathon at the Trento Co-location centre

Opening of the IEEE International Smart Cities (ISC2) Conference

Opening of the IEEE International Smart Cities (ISC2) Conference

Smart cities, places where the traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital technologies that benefit, benefitting their inhabitants and businesses, are priority on the European digital agenda. EIT Digital contributes by investing in innovations for smart cities to foster higher quality of urban life.

EIT Digital is currently supporting Trento Smart City Week and IEEE International Smart Cities (ISC2) Conference that is taking place in Trento from September 10 - 15.

"Trento is an example of how the public and private sector can work together to accelerate testing and implementation of solutions leveraging on digital technologies to improve the quality of life of its' inhabitants" - says Roberto Saracco, EIT Digital Italy Node Director - "It is a successful example that can be exported globally."

Begining this year, EIT Digital is collaborating with the Province of Trento and the Municipality of Trento to implement advanced platform solutions, developed in the EU cooperation framework, e.g. FIWARE, in order to support the development of portable applications. A specific pan-European project just began in September that will engage two other cities working with Trento, Malaga and Rennes, experimenting and developing applications on this joint open platform. The initiative is being presented during the Trento Smart City Week.

EIT Digital and it's partners are also showcasing other concrete innovation examples for smart cities - that are being implemented already or can be implemented in the future:

  • a technological solution for the fast preparation and delivery of sets of products from warehouse to lineside and consumption point (iLAADR)
  • an immersive 3D and Open Data based environment for urban planning and participatory urban regeneration (Immercity)
  • digital solutions that transform mobility into service (SmAll) 

  • data analytics tool to measure the effects of urban planning decisions on the life of the city (Como SC2)
  • an ambitious tool for real-time, location-based provision of goods and services in future smart cities that is based on cost effective Internet of Things deployment (Vital)

Smart cities cannot be created without involvement of their inhabitants - in particular the younger generation. It's important to involve these energetic, creative, and digitally savvy people in the process. Therefore, in the context of Trento Smart City, Roberto Saracco will meet students from Trento high schools and talk about their role in building the Smart Cities of the future.

This spirit of entrepreneurship is brought to Trento Smart City by EIT Digital. For the creative minds that want to test their coding skill and ability to transform their idea into a product, EIT Digital is co-organizing a Hackathon. Whether participants are building a website or a mobile app, the goal is to start from scratch and end with a working prototype.

Finally, EIT Digital is also supporting Speck&Tech, an initiative driven by EIT Digital Master School Alumnus Francesco Bonadiman, that brings together startuppers, students, professionals and tech enthusiasts with tech experts. During the Trento Smart City Week, the discussion is, naturally, focused on digitisation of cities.

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