Professionals train towards industry 5.0 with EIT Digital Professional School courses

EIT Digital Professional School

According to the Future of Jobs Report 2020, the World Economic Forum has projected an increased talent to fill jobs in technology and green economy roles. These new jobs are predicted to be at the forefront of the data and AI economy, engineering, cloud computing, and product development, which, therefore, implies a growth in upskilling needs and respective learning subjects.

With the mission to fill the needs for modern education and training systems that prepare job seekers with the digital skills to narrow the digital skill gap, The EIT Digital Professional School supports the digital transformation of companies and organisations by creating a learning ecosystem. The initiative is powered by continuing education courses, specifically designed to provide critical digital knowledge, insights and skills to European professionals and executives, leveraging the EIT Digital Focus Areas and our partners' research activities.

Asja Kamenica, Head of the EIT Digital Professional School, comments:

'The global digital economy is becoming a fact. Digitalisation is changing the way business is done. Therefore, in line with EIT Digital's mission to build a strong digital Europe, we want to educate the current and aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to recognise business opportunities in emerging technologies to keep ahead. After all, in today's rapidly changing world, everybody is a lifelong student.'

With classes taught live, face-to-face or online, EIT Digital Professional School has a strong portfolio of 9 courses, each compact, informative, and applicable to enabling the digital transformation of businesses and growing professionals’ careers. The school’s hands-on approach supports both individuals and organisations seeking training by creating a learning ecosystem developed by some of Europe’s most prestigious universities of technology and industry partners.

The professional courses subjects vary from Digital Transformation, Sustainable Digital Innovation to Business Implications of AI, taught in collaboration with KTH Executive Business School, where participants learn how to use digital solutions for the now and to leverage digital innovation to meet, and even exceed customers’ sustainable expectations, to understand the business opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and possibilities of intelligent automation and decision-making.

Using data to move a company in a strategic direction is the focus of the Applied Data Science Bootcamp being taught in partnership with Bright Cape, while the Data Science for Business Innovation course, taught in collaboration with Politenco di Milano, offers professionals and decision-makers the foundations of data analysis.

Together with Budapest University of Technology and Economics, blockchain technology is explored in two courses, Blockchain for the Decision Maker and Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics, where participants take a deep dive into blockchain essentials to unlock new business opportunities, but also an in-depth look at which business processes will benefit most from ‘blockchainification’ in the manufacturing and logistic industry.

In addition to the above subjects, digitalisation in food processing, cybersecurity and digital product management are also offered within the Professional School’s portfolio.

Clearly, the road to recovery post-COVID-19 is a pivotal time for companies to adopt and embrace as much as possible, digital business models and transform their businesses to survive and thrive, towards an Industry 5.0.

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