In memory of Jan Grotenbreg

To our great sadness, we were informed during the weekend that our colleague Jan Grotenbreg passed away unexpectedly.

Based in California, Jan was a key team member of the EIT Digital Silicon Valley Hub. He was a driving force in our efforts to support European innovators in attracting US customers, partners, and investors. An experienced Business Developer, Jan fostered our partnerships in the Bay Area and facilitated in the framework of the EIT Hub Silicon Valley the joint ambition of the EIT community to showcase innovation made in Europe and bolster the visibility of innovative European solutions to global challenges.

Jan Grotenbreg was a cornerstone in the development of the EIT Digital DeepHack format, our series of open innovation events in hackathon format, helping business and industry partners to tap into EIT Digital’s creative pool of Master School students, entrepreneurs, and startups, and provide them with solutions for their digital problems and ecosystem-building challenges.

Recently, and while the COVID-19 pandemic still prevented most of the travelling to the US, Jan was our organisation’s main ambassador in the Silicon Valley, upholding our relationships with the EIT Digital network of business and industry stakeholders, and coordinating our collaboration with the other EIT KICs in the Bay Area.

We mourn the loss of an appreciated colleague and esteemed member of the EIT Digital family. Our thoughts in these hours are with Jan’s family and friends!

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