Watch the live streamed talks from 2015 Johannesberg Summit on May 11-12

The Johannesberg Summit, sponsored by EIT ICT Labs, is a high-level, annual forum where research and thought leaders from industry and academia discuss trends and long term future issues relating to Wireless and Mobile ICT.

Interesting talks are mixed with panel discussions with a broad perspective on technologies, services, business and policy models that may have an impact in the long-range evolution of the industry. Topics are not limited to visions on wireless technologies and architectures, they also include future user behaviour and requirements, novel services and applications, new business models as well as policy and regulation.

All the session talks will be broadcasted live and are available for watching on the Johannesberg Summit website.

Panel sessions are only for registered participants at the venue. See speakers and program here:

Programme - Monday May 11

09.00Welcome address

Keynote session:
Erik Ekudden, Ericsson: "The future 5G eco system"
Göran Marby, PTS: "Possibilities and challenges for a wireless future – a regulators’ view"
Franz Seiser, Deutsche Telekom: "5G: an Operator’s view on the cloud optimized network"

10.30 Coffee break

Session 1: ICT Transformation
Jane MacFarlane, HERE: "Location: A Persistent Framework"

Speaker TBA
12.00 Lunch

Panel session: ICT Transformation

Panel chair: Jens Zander
14.30 Coffee

Session 2: Applications and Drivers
Martin Geddes, Geddes: "How to turn network performance from a skilled craft into hard science"
Simon Saunders, Real Wireless: Title TBA.
David Fullagar, Netflix: "Exploring the path of media resources from the Netflix catalog on current and future mobile networks"


Panel session: Applications & Drivers
Panel chair: Mischa Dohler


Closing Day 1


Programme - Tuesday May 12


Session 3: Overall system architectures
Gerhard P. Fettweis, TU Dresden: "5G requirements & frequencies: avoiding the valley of death"
Peter Merz, Nokia: "5G Architecture – healthy balance between Evolution and Revolution"

9.30 Coffee

Panel session: Overall system architecture session

Panel chair and panel members TBA

Session 4: 5G Concepts
John Smee, Qualcomm: "5G Design Across Services"
Wonil Roh, Samsung: "Advanced MIMO/Beamforming as a Key Enabler for 5G"
Joachim Sachs, Ericsson: "5G – enabling reliable low latency communication for connected industries"


Panel session: 5G Concepts

Panel chair: Magnus Frodigh
15.30Closing and coffee

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