Visit EIT Digital in booth 99, at Health and Wellbeing @Work 2016, NEC, Birmingham-UK

EIT Digital's Business Community Health and Wellbeing invites you for a visit in booth 99, at the leading event Health and Wellbeing @ Work 2016, Birmingham, 8-9 March. Are you responsible for improving the health, safety, wellbeing and performance of work-aged people? Make a pit-stop in booth 99 of EIT Digital and experience the digital innovation that will help you reaching your targets as a professional working in occupational health, HR and other healthcare and management.

About the Health and Wellbeing & Work event 2016

Now in its 10th successful year, Health and Wellbeing at Work is all about improving the health and wellbeing of work-aged people. The conference and exhibition provides new ideas and resources to ensure that employees are engaged and motivated, healthy, return to work quickly following absence and stay in work. The event profiles national developments, service innovations, examples of best practice and the latest research. The Health and Wellbeing Business Community is in position and is open for business in booth 99 showcasing the innovations of the startups Yomp, SOMA Analytics and Firstbeat.

Improving the health and wellbeing of work-aged people

Visit EIT Digital’s Health and Wellbeing startups in booth 99 in Birmingham, NEC, 8-9 March. Lined up for you, with demo's, are:

Soma Analytics (UK) that offers an evidence-based mobile programme to increase employee emotional resilience. SOMA Analytics measures, manages and reduces stress in the workplace. It delivers unobtrusive stress management via smartphone and personalised interventions. With only a smartphone, stress can be measured on a scientifically validated basis. Through the app, employees receive personalised feedback, tips and exercises to cope with stress better. Companies are provided with anonymized and aggregated data to prevent stress-related conditions.

Yomp (UK) that provides a Health & Wellbeing platform proven to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost employee engagement. It offers an online, client-branded portal containing everything needed to begin or bolster a health and wellbeing initiative. Yomp helps large organisations improve the health and wellness of their workforce through a gamified employee engagement platform.

Firstbeat (FI), is awarded as 'Entrepreneur of the year' in Finland last January. The company offers technology that turns heartbeat data into rich, personalised and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeats’ heartbeat data measurement with personal feedback on training exercise, is adopted in wearables of Samsung, Suunto & Garmin. 

Join the Exhibitor Showcase Theatre

EIT Digital will be part of the Exhibitor Showcase Programme on site with the particpation of the startups: Soma Analytics and Yomp.

Soma Analytics will talk on 'How to Show Tech-Driving Wellbeing ROI – an Example of Stress Management'.       
Theatre Location: 
Innovation Technology
 Tuesday 8 March, 
When: Wednesday 9 March, 12.40-12.55pm

Yomp will talk on 'Workplace Wellbeing: Gamification and Behavioural Economics'.
Theatre Location: Innovation Technology
When: Tuesday 8th March, 10.45-11.00am
When: Wednesday 9th March, Time: 1.55-2.10pm

Sustain a healthy lifestyle in Ambient Assisted Living and Active Healthy Ageing

With an ageing population and growing consumer empowerment, the call for a user-centric approach towards Health and Wellbeing is imperative. The mission of EIT Digital’s Action Line Health and Wellbeing is, to reduce the demand for expensive healthcare by detecting small physical and mental health issues early and avoid larger health problems by suitable lifestyle interventions. 

Jean Gelissen, Action Line Leader of Health and Wellbeing says "The challenge is to support people to live an uncompromised, safe and active life through to an advanced age. Enabling active healthy ageing and independent living while at the same time avoiding social exclusion." 

ICT enabled breakthroughs have to support the EU 2020 challenge to increase labour participation and independent living by 2 year. Ultimately, investments will pay handsome dividends not only in generating very viable and worthwhile opportunities but also in creating more affordable and quality of life preserving healthy ageing. With other words: an ounce of prevention now, is at least worth a pound of cure, later. Does this ring a bell? Drop a line in booth 99, Health and Wellbeing @Work 2016, NEC, Birmingham-UK, 8-9 March.

Contact: Filip Coenen, Activity Lead Health and Wellbeing Business Community

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