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EIT ICT Labs Thursday Tea Time Talk!

VirtualGrasp - The company and entrepreneurial journey

Kai Hübner will talk about his entrepreneurial journey and start-up Virtual Grasp

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EIT ICT Labs, Isafjordsgatan 26, floor 3C. Thursday 20th March 2014 at 16:00
Kai Hübner, co-founder Virtual Grasp
Tea, Coffee and mingle

VirtualGrasp is a technology that revolutionizes the way people interact with computers. It consists of advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms packaged as a software. The software is compatible and used seamlessly with many camera-based interaction devices like Microsoft Kinect, Intel Perceptual Computing SDK and LeapMotion. It enables 100% realistic hand and finger grasping behavior in rehabilitation, games, animation or digital showrooms.

Kai Hübner has been a researcher at KTH in the field of robotics from 2007 to 2010, after receiveing his PhD in Computer Science from Bremen University, Germany in 2006. He is the author of around 30 publications in the fields of robotics and computer vision and has supervised Master and PhD students in both academia and industry. From 2011 to 2013, Kai was a senior algorithm developer at Tobii Technology and its subsidiary company Eye TrackShop ( now Sticky), contributing to future market projects that apply novel computer vision technologies in the field of eye and gaze tracking. As one of the co-founders, Kai is now representing the startup project “Virtual Grasp”, developing both business and technology aspects.

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