Trento Rise at the exhibition “The Semantic Way”

Trento RISE (Trento Research, Innovation & Education System) will present its activities in Research, Education and Business in the EIT ICT Labs at the exhibition “The Semantic Way” that will take place in Trento, on November 24.

As part of the Trento main goal regarding quality of life, Telecom-SKIL is committed on the tourism sector and will present Progetto PIEMONTE developed in the Piedmont region as an initiative to promote the territory and its products. The core of the project results is constituted by WantEat, a new replicable model of “Social Web of Intelligent Things” (SWIT). This model is at the base of Progetto PIEMONTE prototypes, that particularly integrates in a single architecture technologies of visual search, ontological modeling, social network between objects and people and, last but not least, new models of interaction and visualization.

The Semantic Way is the first exhibition dedicated to semantic technologies in Italy open to the public. It is a window on the future of communications, the internet and language understanding by computers. The Semantic Way is "the path of semantics" intended as a guided walk through the semantic technologies of the future. Innovative companies both large and small, universities and research centers will present demos of their current work. But the Semantic Way is also the "way of doing semantics", an explanation of how algorithms that seek out the meaning and relationships between terms and data will change our habits, opportunities in the real world, and interactions with the world of technology.

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