Trento - Patent Booster Training session

Join the inspiring and skill-building Patent Booster training, an event teaching you how to protect and turn your research results into commercial assets.
The Patent Booster training is tailored to researchers in the ICT field. It is designed to give you essential information and insights into patents, patenting and commercialization of your research results and technologies. With relevant and interactive workshops you learn how to evaluate & develop ideas, and how to protect & exploit research results and technologies.

After the training event you will know how to:
•• Evaluate your research results and technologies from a commercialization point of view
•• Bring your research results and technologies to the market
•• Exploit and protect your research results and technologies
•• Patent and manage the patenting process

The Patent Booster training is free of charge and conducted by technology transfer professionals and experts from the European Patent Office (EPO).
Please fill out the online registration form and spread the word about the training to your colleagues. The deadline for registration is 10th October 2012. Seats are limited to 20 participants and an early registration gives you priority.
Turning inventions into innovations
Networking lunch with participants
Creating value from intellectual property 

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