Technologies open market

6th Bourse aux technologies « Connected Objects »
January 19th 2012, 

Recent technological evolutions have enabled the massive diffusion of smart objects, that can embed, produce or sense data, and that are able to transmit them through RFID or other long-range technologies.

This Techno event promotes some key technologies addressing issues like low cost and low power architecture, ad hoc networks, various kind of sensor networks, sensor fusion, interoperability, privacy and security technologies in order to secure data transmission etc.

This event will gather around 16 mature technologies coming from Institut Telecom labs and from the labs of its academic partners (among them INRIA, VTT as EIT partners). Are exepcted around 100 people mainly coming from the SMEs.

Entrepreneurs and innovators, come and find out the technologies that may help you grow tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing you!! 

Find out program and practical details on this link: 

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