Summer School Privacy Security & Trust at Trento CLC

The Trento Co-Location Centre will host, from June 28 to July 10 2015, the Privacy Security and Trust Summer School 2015.

The Summer School is part of the innovation and entrepreneurship education program of EIT Digital. The theme of the summer school is “Security and Privacy in Digital Life (SPDL)” with the main objectives to demonstrate the importance of data security and privacy for ICT applications in everyday life and work, to point out the market needs and business opportunities in the area, teach the students how to transform the gained knowledge into innovative business ideas and turn these ideas into concrete business proposals and coach them how to present the pitches to investment companies. 

A significant part of the program will be dedicated to team building, creation of business ideas and pitch coaching. Already in the first week, the students will learn how to interact with one another and how to draft a business project working together in a team. They will create small teams according to their interests, each team covering one of the four use cases. The second week will then focus on drafting the business plans and preparing the pitch presentations by the teamwork, under the guidance of experienced business tutors and lecturers.

Topics will include an introduction to cryptography, data confidentiality, and entity authentication, privacy and security challenges in cyberspace, legal and ethical aspects.

Speakers will include Bruce Schneier, Yvo Desmedt, Bart Preneel, Yehuda Lindell and others. In addition, among the lecturers, there will also be experts from smart energy and mobile security companies.

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