Startup Activation Berlin: Final Pitches in Berlin

Startups from non-EIT ICT Labs countries have the chance to win 30,000 EUR to spend on getting their idea closer to the market.

Over 50 applications

After receiving over 50 applications from 17 out of 19 non-EIT ICT Labs countries in Europe, the best 9 proposals have been invited to perform a pitch before a jury in Berlin on November 25, 2013 where the two winners of this year’s Startup Activation Contest will be determined. 

You find the shortlist of all 9 finalists on the bottom of this page (just scroll down).

Themes and topics 

Applicants in this contest were invited to send in ideas in the field of information and communication technology - in particular ideas focusing on cyber-physical systems (including the internet of things, embedded systems) and future cloud. All ideas have been evaluated by experts in these fields in addition to business developers who focused on the martket potential of your idea.

Target Countries 

In this contest we aim to engage startups from countries outside the existing EIT ICT Labs network of nodes and associate nodes and we invited startups from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to participate in a call for proposals.   


Startup Activation is one in a series of activities in the context of EIT ICT Labs Outreach Programme 2013. 

More information 

Want to know more? See our webpage on the EIT ICT Labs' outreach programme or contact our Project Lead Oliver Beige. Follow us at Twitter if you are interested in the ins and outs of this contest. 

See here for terms and conditions of this contest.

The 9 finalists

Seamless authentication

A flying camera to 
capture life from a whole 
different angle 

Plug & play production
analysis for manufacturing

GPS Pet Tracking 

Interactive surgeons 

Big Data Pricing 

Bliu Bliu
Learn languages the
smart way! 

Turn social media
into visual stories

Big Data Predictions
for Transport

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