Smart Spaces Workshop


Smart Spaces workshop will be held on April 2-3 at the Berlin Co-location Centre. 

Register here 

Contact: Action Line Lead Petri Liuha

April 2

09:30 Welcome and registration

10:00 Introductions

10:30 Activity overviews

12:00 Lunch

13: 00 Business Catalyst presentations

      - Tech transfer, Business modeling

14:30 Break-out meetings for actions on business catalysts

  - Per activity, discussion on opportunities and potential implementation

16:00 Wrap-up of break-out sessions

17:30 Closing of the day


April 3

9:00 Visionary presentations

10:30 2013 activities: Preparation process

11:30 Education activities - introduction and discussion

12:30 Lunch

13:30  2013 activities: New ideas brainstorming and break-out meetings

15:00 Wrap-up presentations of break-out sessions

16:30 Closing


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