Smart Spaces Summer School and Doctoral Colloquium

Date: 3-7 June, 2013
Venue: INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes Research Center

The EIT ICT Labs Smart Spaces action line will organize combined Summer School and Doctoral Consortium at INRIA research center in Grenoble France the first week of June. The Summer School is composed of 3 days of tutorial presentations and hands-on experience with publicly available tool-kits and technologies for smart spaces. All lectures will be given in English by EIT ICT Labs members. This will be followed by a two day Smart Spaces Doctoral Consortium.  

Both events will share a guided hike in the French Alpes (Chamrousse ski resort) followed by a banquet at a mountain chalet on Wednesday 5 June. 

The Summer School tutorial sessions will be held on Monday 3 June through Wednesday 5 June and will cover

1) Computer Vision tools for Augmented Reality,
2) Building Interaction technologies using Arduino, 
3) Gesture based interaction using the Leap Motion controller. 

The Doctoral Colloquium (DC) will be held on Thursday and Friday and will provide a friendly, supportive, and constructive atmosphere where doctoral students from partners of the EIT ICT Labs can present their research-in-progress. The colloquium will offer open discussion, guided by a panel of experienced researchers and practitioners. The colloquium offers students the valuable opportunity to receive feedback and perspectives from recognize experts in the field and engage with other senior doctoral students. 

Who can attend?

The target audience for the Summer School tutorial sessions includes masters students, engineering students, and doctoral students working in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, Micro-Electronics, Human Computer Interaction and Design, as well as personnel from any EIT ICT Labs partner or affiliate. 

The Doctorial Colloquium is open to doctoral students who are sufficiently advanced in their doctoral studies to provide a clear statement of their research problem, approach and research method.


Information about the Smart Spaces Summer School and Doctoral Colloquium, including venue, hotels and registration forms,  may be found here at INRIA's pages.

All applications should include a CV and contact information.

Applicants to the Doctoral Colloquium will be asked to submit a research statement (max 3 pages with references) describing their doctoral research, as well as a biographical sketch (maximum 1 page). The research summary should include a 100 word abstract, and describe the  problem domain and the specific problem addressed in their thesis, the original idea behind their approach,  a brief overview of related work, the research method employed, the research carried out so far, and the expected contribution to the field. The biographical sketch should provide  the names and affiliations of the research advisor(s), the date that the student began their doctoral programme, the expected date of dissertation defense, and a single short paragraph stating what you hope to get out of participating in the Doctoral Colloquium.

Participation in the Doctoral Colloquium is by selection only, based on the research statement and biographical sketch.

There is no registration fee, however, it is necessary for all participants to register as participation is limited to 50, with priority given to students from EIT ICT Labs partner universities and the staff from partner companies.  Free student housing is available for up to 25 students attending the summer school. 

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