Shaping tomorrow’s society – Workshop to explore new smart opportunities

Time: 13-18 on Thursday 25 September
Venue: Deutsche Telekom facilities at Winterfeldtstrasse 21, Berlin, Germany

The workshop is organised by the EIT ICT Labs' activities SmartCollaborationSpaces: Bringing Presence and Collaborative Space to the Next Level and the Innovation Radar

The event is mostly meant for partners involved in Smart Spaces Action Line, but there are a few seats left for others. 

Workshop focus

Society is in an accelerated process of change and transformation: smart design components, interconnectivity, responsive and open-ended design systems, and intelligent buildings meet the challenges of user-oriented customisation and new ICT-driven manufacturing processes. 

  • How is this technology shaping human behaviour? 
  • What intelligence will the citizens of Europe contribute to its smart spaces? 

In light of the above we want to explore the greatest business opportunities ahead. 

  • Can radical market transitions be foreseen? 
  • What risks will the new technologies bring to society?

Goal and Methodology 

The workshop will produce tentative scripts or drafts for 1-2 minute films/animations relating to the above themes. The workshop output will be presented and improved upon at a follow-up workshop, as part of the Smart Spaces event "Results Day" in Espoo, Finland on 3-4 December.

The methodology employed is networked foresight. In order to achieve the workshop goal, speedwriting will be used to generate the short film-scripts, as well as other texts towards completion of the business plan deliverables. 

If you are interested in participating, please, register to Magnus Boman and Charlie Gullström at and 

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