Shaping Doctoral Studies in the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral Training Center at the KTH!

Welcome to our Wednesday Lunch talk on 28th November 11.30-13.30.

Venue: EIT ICT Labs Stockholm Co-location Center, Isafjordsgatan 26, floor 3C. 

Contact: Karoline Beronius, Co-location Manager, EIT ICT Labs Stockholm

KTH is one of several EU universities who collaborate on the EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School and will provide students the opportunity to enroll and participate in EIT Doctoral School courses and programs. The Doctoral School is unique in that it is for engineering students who want to do applied technical research in areas related to embedded computing, communication, and associated cloud services.

In addition to the technology focus, the program emphasizes the development of innovation ability, entrepreneurship and other business skills. It is intended for grad students who want to acquire applied research skills and associated business knowledge that can increase the value of a Ph.D. degree to the student, to commerce, and to society in general. Mark Smith will share his ideas for bringing the benefits of participation in the Doctoral School to the KTH, and equally importantly to the students and faculty who work here. 

The program will combine theory with applied practice, including ideas for helping you identify and develop your innovative talents and acquire entrepreneurial skills at a doctoral level that can add a new dimension of relevance to your graduate studies. Mark will also share ideas about an EIT funded Doctoral Training Center that can provide a dynamic, cross disciplinary environment where skills and knowledge are shared between students and industry partners, and accomplishment is measured in ways that complement current university practice. 

The talk will turn into an open discussion of ideas that can be exploited by the EIT ICT Labs doctoral program at the KTH, and will be of interest to graduate students and faculty alike. These topics have long term implications in light of the general academic need to address problems in pedagogical relevance, value, and the educational process

Mark T. Smith is Professor of IT product development in the School of Information and Communication Technology at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). Professor Smith received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Utah in 1983 and spent over 20 years at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California. There he performed applied research in a large number of information technology areas including fixed and mobile information devices, media systems, context aware technologies, and sensors. He joined the faculty of the KTH in October, 2005. 

His current teaching and research activities are in architectures and interdisciplinary realization methods for future IT devices and platforms, and in context information measurement especially for use in mobile systems and enterprise applications.

This week we will together with Prof. Mark Smith, KTH, look into new ideas to align PH.D. studies with development of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Come hear how these ideas can add value to your future thesis efforts. The talk will be followed by networking and a light lunch.Click here to register so that we can plan for seating and catering.

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