SAP Startup Forum, Dublin - May 22th

A program for startups with big data, predictive and real-time analytics solutions.

Why come?

Come to the SAP Startup Forum for a day of collaboration, learning and networking with thought leaders focused on big data trends and technologies.

  • bringing together experts and a panel of speakers who will help shape the discussion around the needs and gaps in the industry and where big data is heading
  • looking for promising startups interested in exploring and developing solutions on top of the enterprise application platform SAP HANA.By handling massive volumes of structured and unstructured data entirely in its in-memory database, SAP HANA enables applications and analytics to execute their data intense operations right where data resides. In doing so, SAP HANA helps customers to achieve performance improvements of up to 100,000 times compared to traditional, disk-based databases while running non-disruptively alongside the existing technology landscape.Learn more on SAP HANA.
  • hosting an exciting networking mixer. This will also be an opportunity for select startups to exhibit their solutions and win awards, while networking with the broader community of SAP employees on campus.

What's in it for you?

  • SAP HANA test and development licenses, development boot camp materials and potential continuous technical support from SAP at no charge until your business runs live on SAP HANA (up to 1 year)
  • A startup can get traction with access to SAP technology, SAP communication channels and SAP Marketplace.
  • Gain a strong operations partner and self-assessment tools in the SAP Startup Focus program
  • Meet representatives from SAP Ventures to explore funding opportunities (out of the $155 million USD startup venture fund from SAP Ventures)
  • Advanced startups in the program even have the opportunity to attend and present at SAP’s largest trade fairs, which draw over 15,000 SAP customers, partners and influencers

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