Researchers’ Night at the Budapest CLC

The Budapest APG organises the Researchers’ Night for the 3rd time at the Budapest CLC on the 25th of September

In line with the international Researchers’ Night programme series of the EU, Researchers’ Night events have been organized for 10 years in Hungary, always on the last Friday of September. Since then, it has become the most important scientific awareness-raising event of the country. The aim of the Researchers’ Night event series is to change the preconceptions of researchers in general, and to display how interesting and challenging a scientific career can be.

Researchers’ Night provides quality knowledge sharing and amusement at the same time, with free programmes that give an interesting insight to a growing number of visitors (ca 100.000 in Hungary in 2014). Higher education institutions and research institutes open their doors this day to bring the curiosities and actualities of science closer to the interested public. Numerous exciting programmes and presentations will be awaiting the guests at the EIT Digital Budapest Co-Location Centre as well on the 25th of September 2015.

At the Budapest CLC the newest ICT developments of the Hungarian partner universities of BAPG, ELTE and BME, will be showcased with the cooperation of some of the partners of the consortium. EIT Digital’s education programmes will also be introduced. 


Further details will be available soon.

Date: 25 September 2015, from 6pm to 11pm

Location: Budapest CLC

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