Renowned EIT Digital speaker among experts gathering in Budapest to discuss the latest disruptive trends in industry

Petri Liuha, Digital Industry Action Line Leader at EIT Digital

Petri Liuha, Digital Industry Action Line Leader at EIT Digital

Industry is being transformed right under our noses. Petri Liuha, EIT Digital’s Industry Action Line Leader will elaborate on the topic at the upcoming Industry 4.0 Conference in Budapest. He will describe what EIT Digital’s ecosystem model has to offer and how AI-driven innovation activities are set to become a game changer.

High-ranking government officials, senior executives from leading telco firms and representatives from academia are among the speakers at the Industry 4.0 Conference, taking place on May 15, 2018 as part of the Industry Days 2018 trade fair.

On the agenda are the key trends redefining industrial processes in their current form. Keynotes and panel discussions will address the future of industrial IoT networks and the digitalisation of the entire supply chain. Dual education will also share the limelight as employers recognise the need to have trained personnel to operate cutting-edge technology.

EIT Digital is being represented by Digital Industry Action Line Leader Petri Liuha. His presentation focuses on how EIT Digital’s particular ecosystem model can accelerate the proliferation of the latest innovations. He will also highlight the role AI-driven solutions play in this evolutionary process.

Date: May 15, 2018
Location: Hungexpo, Budapest, Hungary
Hall D, Ruby Room, entrance through pavilion A

Industry 4.0 Conference in Budapest, Hungary
Industry 4.0 Conference in Budapest, Hungary

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