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Digital Health startups focusing on Health Apps are booming in Stockholm proving that there is a basis for the report concluding that Sweden along with Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands and UK offer the best market conditions for mHealth companies (EU Countries´mHealth App Market Ranking 2015, by Research2Guidance). EIT Digital is a track partner at the event and will facilitate for startups in the HWB Business Community to connect with potential customers, collaboration partners and investors. EIT startups will present at on the main stage during the startup catwalk and demo at the dedicated EIT Digital booth.

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The key topics in 2015

Strategic implementation is one of the key themes at Digital Health Days this year. Getting the first users and funding is often hard and then comes the challenge of managing to grow the business in a satisfactory way. What are the barriers and are there lessons to be learnt by others, and who is responsible for a more efficient uptake of innovations?

The next key theme is Sustainability for Digital Health products and services – as It is tied to business models that are both complex and diverse. While investments in the US exceeded $1.9B with 195 venture deals in 2013 there is still hesitation from non-US investors on how the ROI will be achieved, and existing companies are having a hard time getting in the revenues needed for growth. For established players such as the pharma industry the question is rather how digital health fits in the current business models used.

The Patient in focus – the most appreciated theme in 2014 is of course central also this year. E-patient Dave´s thoughtful talk shared on YouTube was discussed on Twitter hashtag #dhd14 and peaked with 2000+ tweets. Now the patient comes back and we will discuss topics such as health and wellbeing, patients as selective customers, citizens and their role in the healthcare system as well as who owns patient generated data.

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Health Hack Academy 2015: IoT for Health Hackathon
If you want to get a feeling for how fast startups can develop an idea and prototype or just want to connect to the Stockholm entrepreneurs’ scene make sure to visit the Health Hack Academy, September 12-13 at Open Lab in Stockholm. Read more here »

Selected teams will present their solutions at the IoT for Health session at Digital Health Days September 24.

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