Raising Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awareness in Espoo (Finland) for PhD students

Raising Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awareness in Espoo (Finland) for PhD students

Whether setting up your own start-up or just interested in improving your business skills this Innovation & Entrepreneurship course is for You!

"RAISING I&E AWARENESS" innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) course for PhD students

Date: 11-12 February, 2016

Venue: Meeting room A208 at Open Innovation House, Otaniementie 19 B, Espoo, Finland

Organiser: EIT Digital, Helsinki, Finland.

EIT Digital Doctoral School course Raising Awareness in I&E aims at helping doctoral students to understand, what starting new businesses is about and what are the first steps. It is strongly targeted to inspiring, motivating and raising awareness among doctoral students on the high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship. The seminar includes views on the possibilities of entrepreneurship and innovation and also hands-on learning experience.

Who can attend?

All doctoral students at the partnering universities of EIT Digital. For list of university partners, please visit:


Registration deadline 3 February 2016

Register here

Registration is binding. The course is free of charge, but if cancelled without a medical certificate later than 07.02.2016, a cancellation fee of 50 euros may be charged.

Travel and accommodation are not covered by EIT Digital.

More information from the Manager of the Doctoral Training Center Helsinki (

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding how to use academic research as a springboard to start and lead business
  • Seeing the possibilities of commercializing research (on the focal areas of EIT Digital)
  • Finding and testing ideas as the basis of commercial products or services
  • Recognizing characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT field
  • Learning the basic approaches in starting a new business
  • Being able to understand customers and markets


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