Rail Industry and Multimodal transport (Budapest)

Rail Industry and Mutimodal transport

Welcome to our upcoming Digital Industry Networking Event - a thematic, industry-specific professional innovation workshop with a strong emphasis on corporate tech needs, market validated solutions, (project) idea generation and B2B matchmaking in the Rail Industry, Multimodal Transport and the Hubs of the future.

October 17, 2019 - 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

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EIT DIGITAL HUNGARY - BUDAPEST Co-Location Centre, 1117 Bogdánfy u. 10/A (in Infopark)

EIT Digital’s next networking event, Digital Headway, will aim to open up discussion among rail IT and management specialists looking to improve enterprise performance digitally, and high-tech entrepreneurs, institutions offering innovative, proven solutions in the Rail Industry, Multimodal transport and for the Hubs of the future.

If your corporate job is advancing digital transformation and you work for a

  • Rail component manufacturer,
  • Rail network operator, infrastructure provider,
  • Rail or other cargo shipper,
  • Transport hub operator or municipal planner, supervisor,
  • Or other Cargo logistician

this is an intimate, small scale event to really get to know the digital solution providers arriving from European destinations.

If your startup, scale-up or company has ready-to-test digital solutions in

  • Energy efficiency (improved aerodynamics, lightweight wagon etc.),
  • Capacity/Productivity (wagons for ’trucks on train’, container wagons capable of multimodal transport, new rapid loading/unloading procedures, virtual coupling, increased axle load etc.),
  • Reliability (EP-brake, automated train operation, digitalisation of freigh etc.),
  • Noise reduction (low-noise optimised wagon etc.),
  • Or Total Cost of Ownership (remote control for distributed power, driver advisory systems, maintenance intelligence, novel terminals, hubs, marshalling yards, connections etc.),

then this is the place to network and showcase how your solution can contribute to creating business value for corporate stakeholders in the rail industry.

The October 17 Digital Industry Networking Event will feature plenty of opportunities for professionals from the rail industry to mingle and engage in B2B matchmaking. Attendance is free after registration and a light buffet lunch will be provided to cap the morning. If you have any questions or would like to present at the event, contact Balázs Erdei at

Reserve your seat now!

Preliminary Agenda

9:00 a.m.Arrivals and Registration
9:30Welcome and Introduction - Mr. László Gulyás, Director, EIT Digital Hungary - Budapest Node

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Dániel Loppert, Communications Director, Hungarian National Railways (MÁV)

Pitch 1 - Konux - Mr. Michal Szlendak, Regional Sales Director: Predictive maintenance system for rail switches using AI

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Mohamed Labdoui, Big Data/IOT Cloud Platforms Manager, French National Railways (SNCF): Defining the strategy and the trajectory of the Data/IOT services to meet SNCF business needs

Pitch 2 - Galgus - Mr. Francisco Campins, International Sales Director: Unlocking the benefits of software defined wifi

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Márton Feldmann, Head of the Division of Railway Automation, PROLAN: Railway automation solutions for a competitive rail
11:15Coffee Break
11:25Opening Remarks - Mr. Tommaso Spanevello, Public Affairs Manager, UNIFE: Innovation and Digitalisation for the future of Rail - UNIFE's Vision

Pitch 3 - DiscovR - Mr. Hai Quach Van, founder and CEO: Virtual Reality Solutions that work for your industry

Keynote Presentation - Ms. Urša Hribenik, Head of Mobility Services, LIT Transit: Bringing more passengers on board with real-time passenger information

Pitch 4 - HYPER - Mr. Tom Robinson, Project Manager: The VR co-design platform enabling physical experience of business visions
12:30 Networking Lunch
2:30 p.m.Digital Industry Networking Event concludes

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