Quick Posture: innovation does not always require invention

An extra EIT ICT Labs Tuesday Tea Time Talk is scheduled for October 29 since we got an opportunity to welcome Glenn Bilby from Quick Posture who will talk about his entrepreneurial journey. He is currently looking for collaborators so take the time for networking over some tea and cake!

The presentation takes place at the EIT ICT Labs Stockholm Co-location Centre at 16.00-17.30. Please register for administrative and catering purposes before October 26. 

Glenn Bilby, co-founder of Quick Posture will tell you about his entrepreneurial journey and how how innovation does not require invention - there are opportunities in combining things that already exist, creating trans-disciplinary collaboration and finding strategic space,to deliver value.

He is currently looking for collaborators on the technology side, especially people familiar with 3D motion capture in informatics, so be sure to attend this 45 minute introduction and speak with Glenn after the presentation.

Glenn Bilby is an Australian with a wicked mix of education and internationa lwork experiences. He is an applied scientist, a clinician, and a businessman. His expertise is in human movement, sport science and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

He has published in the area of 
neuromuscular adaptations to training, as well as motor control of walking and running. He also has an MBA, and was recently Vice CEO of a Norwegian health tech company that now operates in over 30 countries.He is now an active investor in start-ups that 'innovate to make a difference'.

Glenn Bilby is a member of the White Label Team at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and he will present Quick Posture at the Idea2Product global innovation competition in Sao Paulo in November, 2013. 

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