Professor Millennium's lost laboratory engages youth to technology

EIT ICT Labs provides school kids a chance to see Helsinki and some of its sights in an engaging and fun way using different technologies like augmented reality. The technology adventure “Professor Millennium’s lost laboratory” is part of the Millennium Technology Prize celebrations taking place at the brand new Millennium Pavilion in the heart of Helsinki during 28 April – 14 May, 2014.

The Millennium Pavilion will present the Finnish technological know-how to the international and national audiences and inspire the Finnish youth to technology studies and careers. The Pavilion hosts tens of technology related networking events during the two weeks. 

The Technology Adventure project is the main youth program of the event. 

The Technology Adventure is a city orienteering that allows youth to explore the surroundings of the Millennium Pavilion and the city center of Helsinki using technology in getting them excited and engaged. The experience lasts for 1.5 hours, starts and ends in the Pavilion and goes through 8-12 checkpoints with different kind of digital technology driven puzzles and tasks that children solve in groups of 3. 

Children use small tablets and augmented maps to navigate and explore the environment. In addition, different kind of sensors, interactive large screens, and technology installations are used to engage children to a collaborative competition. 

“The school teachers have shown great interest and all the adventure tours are already fully booked,” explains Kai Kuikkaniemi, the project leader from EIT ICT Labs. 

The first orientation takes place on 28 April right after the opening ceremony of the Pavilion. The Millennium Technology Prize winner 2014, Professor Stuart Parkin, together with representatives from the Finnish government and city of Helsinki are present at the opening ceremony. 

Millennium Technology Prize 2014 to physicist Stuart Parkin 

Prof. Stuart Parkin received the 2014 Millennium Technology Prize in recognition of his discoveries, which have enabled a thousand-fold increase in the storage capacity of magnetic disk drives. Parkin’s innovations have led to a huge expansion of data acquisition and storage capacities, which in turn have underpinned the evolution of large data centres and cloud services, social networks, music and film distribution online.

The Millennium Technology Prize is Finland's tribute to innovations for a better life. The aims of the prize are to promote technological research and Finland as a high-tech Nordic welfare state. The Millennium Technology Prize is awarded by Technology Academy Finland (TAF). The prize is worth 1M Euros. 

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