Professional Master Class Business Implications AI

Professional Master Class Business Implications AI

Business Implications of Artificial Intelligence

Learn to understand the business opportunities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI is an emerging technology, the key is to grasp how to maximise the trade-off between business impact and resources spent. The masterclass is developed by KTH Executive School and EIT Digital have developed a masterclass to provide you with an understanding of business requirements, opportunities and pitfalls of AI. How will artificial intelligence impact your business?

Date: 2-4 March, 2020
Location: KTH Executive School


The course explains how to make a profitable start and understand what you as a business manager need to know to guide your organisation into new opportunities based on AI technologies. Both the online course on Coursera and the real life  masterclass will demonstrate how AI is changing the business landscape, giving you the tools to ask the right questions and find out how you can use AI to your advantage.

The key take aways of the masterclass are:

  • Learn where to start with AI and how to move on;
  • Understand where AI is profitable and why - now and in the future;
  • Understand how AI investments should be implemented and further developed.

The course is developed for business managers and decision makers who

  • want to understand AI application opportunities;
  • need to identify and explore AI opportunities;
  • want to broaden their knowledge about the disruptive potential of AI for business;

It is recommendable to have followed either the short or longer online course on Course on AI.

Costs: Coursera courses are for free; the masterclass in Stockholm cost 2900 euro for three days. Both the online parts as the masterclass are given is in English. After completion of the professional masterclass you will receive a certificate of participation.

Read more on the Professional School website here or register directly to the masterclass.

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