Privacy-aware management of Electronic Health Records

EIT ICT Labs Stockholm, DFS and SIS welcome students, researchers, professionals in the ICT and healthcare sector to a joint seminar after work on October 17. 

Jovan Stevovic, doctoral student at EIT ICT Labs Doctoral School, University of Trento in collaboration with Centro Ricerche GPI, Italy, will present his research on Privacy-aware management of Electronic Health Records and share experiences from three case studies.  

Venue: EIT ICT Labs Stockholm CLC, Isafjordsgatan 26, Electrum, Kista

Please register before October 10 so that we can plan for seating and catering!

17.30   Networking, sandwiches and coffee / tea
18.00   Presentation of DFS and the eHealth network, Birgitta Edberg CEO DFS Stockholm
18.10   Presentation of EIT ICT Labs, Karoline Beronius, CLC Manager, EIT ICT  Labs Stockholm
18.20  “Privacy-aware management of Electronic Health Records” Jovan Stevovic
Discussion led by Mats Olsson, Business Analyst, Kairos Future
19.30  Presentation of the coming seminar, Lena Morgan, SIS
20.30   End of day

Healthcare data sharing across healthcare organizations is still a challenging task due to privacy and compliance requirements with  regulatory policies that can vary across states and countries, and organizations’ internal business requirements. These challenges are even more difficult to tackle if we consider the evolution of the healthcare toward the introduction of new devices, applications and social media.

The seminar will start with an overview of the most important privacy related challenges in the healthcare and socio-assistive scenarios (e.g. home care assistance). Three research and industrial case studies will be presented showing how many aspects that need to be considered while designing ICT systems that manage privacy sensitive data. Some of the aspects include the privacy policy design and enforcement, identification of data sharing protocols and design of software platforms that allow data owners to enforce their rights over their data. 

About Jovan Stevovic
Jovan Stevovic research interests range over privacy and healthcare data management, business process design and management, IT systems architectures and interoperability. Jovan has worked on the development of Electronic Health Record and Data Warehousing systems for the Province of Trento, solving problems related to cross organization data sharing such as privacy and inter-operability. He also worked on solving regulatory compliance issues related to healthcare data management in Cloud based environments. His current research is focused on identifying mechanisms and methods for the design of IT solutions in socio-assistive scenarios while considering privacy by design principles.

About DFS
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About SIS 
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