PRIT: Paris Region Innovation Tour

PRIT 2010, a unique event in Europe brought together 850 people, prime movers in innovation, from more than 28 countries. This event gave the opportunity to European and international clusters, 26 in total, to present their activities and explore new ways of working together worldwide.

René Rohrbeck, IET ICT Labs Innovation Director, gave a talk introducing the Knowledge and Innovation Community EIT ICT Labs with a particular focus on the business activities. Right after, Mr Daniel Zimmer introduced the Climate KIC.

In the afternoon a workshop attended by more than 30 people dedicated to Entrepreneurship Support System was organised by EIT ICT Labs Activities supporting entrepreneurship and innovation where debated.
- Entrepreneurship Support Systems: Philippe Letellier, Institut Telecom (France)
- Business Entrepreneur Club: Mika Naumanen - VTT (Finland) and Philippe Letellier, Institut Telecom (France)
- Technology Transfert Program: David Monteau - INRIA (France) and Stephan Szuppa - Siemens (Germany)
- Access to Finance: Jérome Chifflet - Orange France Télécom (France)

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