Outreach programme in Croatia

Outreach programme in South Eastern Europe 2014 is kicking off on March 18th with the first event in Split, Croatia.

With two parallel tracks addressing students and start-uppers, we invite to join those interested in finding out about various opportunities offered by EIT ICT Labs network within Nodes in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Paris, Stockholm and Trento.

In particular, we will share insights about the EIT ICT Labs Master School, which is an exclusive joint initiative by the leading technical universities and business schools in Europe. For start-ups, we offer first-hand information about TechPeaks, the People Accelerator and Business Development Accelerator activities through the EIT ICT Labs network in Europe and beyond.

Q&A sessions is dedicated to general questions. Individual meetings will allow everybody interested in the programme to get tailored feedback. The event is open across borders and we hope to see you or your friends in Split! For details, please see the agenda here

Please register here for the event.

Contact for Education track: Gert Guri
Contact for Start-up track: Aleksandra Parcinska

For other events, keep an eye on our website!

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