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What is Mind the Bridge Bootcamp?

MTB Boot Camp is an intensive, hands-on training and for selected startups participating in the Mind the Bridge accelerator programme. The Boot Camp is only open to selected startups from the Seed quest 2012 Accelerator progamme of the Mind the Bridge.  

Startups are invited to pitch in front of mentors with exceptional experience in new ventures from whom they will receive feedback, followed by evaluation and selection to the next step. A unique occasion for the participating startups to improve their communication skills, focus on the weak and strong points of their presentation and, finally, fine tune their business plan.

With the support of international mentors MTB will select the best ~15 projects that will be admitted at the Mind the Bridge Venture Camp – the prestigious two- day international conference held at Corriere della Sera in Milan – and will present to an audience of investors. The finalists will join MTB accelerator.

Who are the Mentors?

As part of the EIT ICT Labs Entrepreneurs Club activity, Trento will host representatives (business developers) of other 3 EIT ICT Labs nodes. Moreover, other mentors include international Venture Capitalists and other business professionals with relevant ICT knowledge.


MTB Boot Camp 2012 will take place in Trento, September 28th - 29th
Mind the Bridge Boot Camp is organizes by Trento Rise and Mind the Bridge Foundation with co-funding of the EIT ICT Labs.

Find more info:

Mind the Bridge
Trento RISE

Contact: Matteo Cevese

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