Master Class. Turning Green Ideas into Commercial Successes, by Ken Morse

A two-day Co-Production with Climate-KIC at CLC Berlin.

A great (green) idea does not guarantee great profits. If a company’s R&D investments are going to pay off in profitable products and technologies, it needs a strategy that not only creates new markets, but also beats the competition. 

This excellent master class, led by Ken Morse enables engineers and scientists to develop the skills they need to be more effective in the business world. In particular, participants will learn how to accelerate the innovation process and build teams which bring ideas and inventions from the cool comfort of laboratories to the cruel crucible of the marketplace.

This course enables start-ups to be more effective in establishing long term, dependable, predictable, profitable, referenceable, and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

In the words of Remi Blokker, CEO of Bluerise in Delft: “It was useful to attend this class, not only for young start-ups, but also for me as a more experienced entrepreneur. It contains eye-openers and make you aware of available but forgotten knowledge and skills.”

Turning green ideas into commercial success with former MIT Entrepreneurship Center director Ken Morse

Date & Location

28 – 29 October 2013Co-Location Center Berlin, Germany. Click here for address. 

For whom

Mature start-ups with a green product or service for sale, or will be for sale within the near future. NB. Only selected individuals may attend this course (see requirements).


For participation to this event, a selection procedure has taken place. Nominated participants only may attend this Master Class.

About Ken Morse

The masterclass is led by Ken Morse. Ken is a serial entrepreneur and a sales veteran. He co-founded 3Com Corporation, Aspen Technology, Inc. and four other start-ups. He was the Founding Managing Director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, and conceived and led the weeklong MIT Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP). Currently, Ken is Visiting Professor at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona and serves on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACIE) of President Obama (“Startup America” and “JOBS Act”).

More information

Contact your local contact person of Business Development Accelerator to learn more about this event.

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