Mapping tech needs and digital solutions (Budapest)

Welcome to our upcoming Digital Tech Network Event - a thematic, industry-specific professional innovation workshop with a strong emphasis on corporate tech needs, market validated solutions, (project) idea generation and B2B matchmaking.

March 21, 2019 – 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

EIT DIGITAL HUNGARY – BUDAPEST Co-Location Centre, 1117 Bogdánfy u. 10/A (in Infopark)

Formerly known as Digital Infrastructure, the network event will aim to open up discussion among IT and management specialists looking to improve enterprise performance digitally, and high-tech entrepreneurs, institutions offering innovative, proven solutions in 5G, wireless networks, cloud computing, AI, big data, cybersecurity and blockchain.

On the one hand, we are inviting functional level managers of large multinational organizations, manufacturers, service providers and other organizations to present their corporates’ expectations, challenges and needs in embracing the business opportunities offered by digital transformation. The insight, deep understanding and feedback from these digital tech professionals is worth more than gold for young and experienced entrepreneurs looking to scale up.

On the other hand, we will also be hosting the best of the brightest innovators from the EIT Digital Accelerator, our unparalelled university network and other leading European tech providers to pitch their digital infrastructure solutions. The appetizing menu of deep tech shows of force combined with validated business models will have the ability to offer corporate reps in the audience a window to the latest, cutting-edge innovations, best practices and perhaps even leads to be explored further.

The March 21 Digital Tech Network Event will feature plenty of opportunities for professional networking and B2B matchmaking. Attendance is free after registration and a light buffet lunch will be provided to cap the morning.

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9:00 a.m.Arrivals and Registration
9:30Welcome and Introduction - Mr. László Gulyás, Director, EIT Digital Hungary

Keynote Presentation - Ms. Tímea László, Product Manager, CloudBang Applications Manager, Nokia: 'DevOps and cloud-native for Future Networks'

Pitch 1 - Mr. Péter Megyesi, Founder and CTO, LeanNet: 'Cloud native: your path to a high performing IT organization'

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Márk Szabó-Simon, Senior Security Engineer in charge of LastPass, LogMeIn: 'What to do when you forget even your last password? - the challenge of account recovery on LastPass'

Pitch 2 - Mr. Mariano Ceccato, Researcher - Software Engineering Group 'Security & Trust', Fondazione Bruno Kessler / Founder and CTO, 2ASPIRE.EU: 'STAnD: Security Tools for App Development'

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Levente Szabados, Technology Consultant, Machine Learning, AI and Data Science Leadership: 'Revolution or disappointment? - The current promise and limits of AI'

Pitch 3 -Mr. László Grad-Gyenge, Co-Founder and CEO, Creo Group & Black Sheep Intelligence: 'AI that works'
11:10Coffee Break
11:20Opening Remarks - Mr. Antonio Garcia-Hortal, Innovation Leader, EIT Digital

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Péter Kukoda, Head of Innovation, Antenna Hungaria (Hungary's premier broadcasting infrastructure agency): 'New Ambitions'

Pitch 4 - Mr. Balázs Horváth, Head of Business Development, Ultinous: '360° insights and customer management through AI-based real-time video analytics from Ultinous'

Keynote Presentation - Mr. György Balázsi, Head of Blockchain Development, Interticket: 'Modelling business use case classes with blockchain solutions (DAML modelling language for multi party contractual workflows, Sequence - ledger-as-a-service platform)'

Pitch 5 - Mr. Imre Kocsis, national delegate to ISO/TC307 - Blockchain and DLTs assistant lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics: 'Blockchain after the hype: emerging business applications'

Keynote Presentation - Mr. Jorge Luis Proaño Mestra, Business Development Executive, IBM Global Markets, Central and Eastern Europe: 'The role of the right infrastructure platform to overcome challenges faced by Data Scientist during AI projects - Use cases'
13:00Networking Lunch
2:30 p.m.Digital Tech (Infrastructure) Network Event concludes

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