LUNCH TALK: Human Thermal Sensor by Pekka Tuomaala, February 18 at noon

Join us for our Lunch Talk: Human Thermal Sensor - a new concept for controlling individual thermal satisfaction

When: Thursday, February 18 at 12:00 - 13:00 (lunch served from 12:00 until live broadcast starts at 12:30) 

Venue: Coffee Area at Open Innovation House, Espoo, Otaniementie 19b

Speaker: Pekka Tuomaala, Principal Scientist at VTT

According to the latest findings, there seems to be even 6˚C difference in optimal indoor temperatures for individuals having different body compositions. This fact puts more pressure for developing new control concepts responding to our individual thermal expectations. This presentation introduces such a novel thermal control concept, which is able to improve well-being and productivity of occupants as well as energy-efficiency of buildings.

About the Speaker

Pekka Tuomaala is a principal scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. He has worked almost 10 years in different roles in Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology) and in VTT during the past 20 years: assistant, research scientist, research group manager, team leader, and senior scientist. Currently, his main areas of interest are building service system solutions, indoor environmental quality, smart clothing, IoT, and innovation. Pekka has a doctoral degree in Applied Thermodynamics (Helsinki University of Technology, 2002).


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