Kick-off activity TIK - The Interaction Toolkit, Paris


The Kickoff meeting of the activity TIK - The Interaction Toolkit will be held on March 15th 2012 at the Paris Co-location center.

Proposed agenda: 


    9:30 Welcome, Informal discussions about EIT ICT Labs and TSSP 
            The planning process and Gates for proposing 2013 activities 
    10:30 Overview of TSSP Activity 12205, The Interaction Toolkit - James Crowley 
              Discussion of Reporting, Documentation, and task organisation 
    11:00 15 minute presentations of plans for 2012 

    12:30 Lunch 

    14:00 15 minute presentations of plans for 2012 (continued). 
    15:00 Coffee break and informal discussions 
    15:30 2012 meetings:  dates, Venues and organisation 
    15:45 Proposals and planning for 2013 activities 
    16:30 End of meeting. 

    Proposed order for presentations (based on arrival/departure info). 
    T1203  Library for AR with CV tools for general applications - Woodward Charles (VTT) 
    T1206 Behavior Recognizer for Close Range Interaction - Massimo Zancanaro (TRENTO - Rise) 
    T1207 Mobile Speech Interface - Markku Turunen (UTA) 
    T1212 Gesture Based  Interaction on installations - Alexandre Demeure (INRIA) 
    T1201 Quantitative evaluation methods for ubiquitous interaction - Antti Oulasvirta (DFKI) 
    T1209 3D hand gesture sensing for mobile 3D interaction - Florian Daiber (DFKI) 
    T1208 Crossmodal Framework - Eve Hoggan (HIIT) 
    T1210 Report on interaction toolkit for composable virtual objects Innovation Radar, Vincent Toubiana or  Matthieu Boussard (Alcatel Lucent) 
    T1213 Immersive Experience Lab setup and specifications - Olivier Martinot (Alcatel Lucent) 
    T1214&T1215     Immersive Interaction Tools -  Frédérique Pain (Alcatel Lucent)



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Contact: James Crowley

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