Internal launch event of EIT Digital Blended Master "Internet of Things through Embedded Systems"

Internal launch event of EIT Digital Blended Master "Internet of Things through Embedded Systems"

EIT Digital is happy to announce the internal launch of its blended master programme within EIT Digital Master School. The goal of the internal event is to demonstrate the opportunity that blended education offers and the opportunities it provides for EIT Digital’s education. 

The Internet of Things is changing the world at a disruptive pace. Components are getting cheaper, new device combinations offer ground breaking products and innovations at a rapid rate. From 2016 EIT Digital offers a Blended Master Program that combines the entrepreneurial power with the deep technical insight to create these disruptive inventions in ‘Internet of Things’. During the event there will be an insights of the transformation of a highly technical on-campus European Master Program into a student-centered and a company-supported Blended Master Program in ‘Internet of Things through Embedded Systems’.

Date: January 11, 2016

Location: Schiphol Airport, WTC Tower F/G, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The event is organised for the internal and external stakeholders of EIT Digital who have been involved and planned to be involved in the future of the online education.

For further information, please contact Martijn Klabber, Activity Lead of Online Education.

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