Infoday Rennes

On April 11 , 2011 the EIT ICT Labs partners located in Rennes will hold a regional informational meeting to prepare for and guide the preparation of proposals to be handed in during the “Call for activities 2012”.


11:00 - 12:45 – for Partners & External

-       Introduction (F Renouard)

-       Introductory pitch (JP Banatre)

-       Overview of EIT ICT Labs (B Le Dantec)

-       Typical examples of EIT ICT Labs activities

-       Rennes and EIT ICT Labs (F Renouard)

-       Q&A


14:00 to 16:00 – for Partners & potential partners

-       Zoom on…

o   Research (Action Lines, Catalysts) (Th Priol)

o   Business (ESS, TTPr, EIT Innov Radar, etc.) (J Chifflet)

o   Thematics: Digital Cities (K Al Agha)

-       Introduce the 2012 Call for Projects (B Le Dantec)

-       Call for Projects support in Rennes (F Renouard)

-       Q&A

-       Conclusion (F Renouard)

Author - Frédéric Renouard

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