Improve your digital skills at the 2nd Makerspace for Professionals event

Improve your digital skills at the 2nd Makerspace for Professionals event

On November 19th EIT Digital Stockholm will host the second DF Makerspace Professional event with KTH and DF Stockholm ICT Professionals Association in Sweden, Stockholm chapter). We will continue to explore the opportunities with Arduino boards and welcome all who are open and curious - no previous tech skills are necessary.

At the first event there was a mix of international Master students from the EIT Digital Master School and ICT professionals from various backgrounds, media, engineering, consulting etc. We applied the simple but fundamental rules for a Makerspace, stated by Professor Mark Smith, KTH - ask if you don’t know how something works and share what you do know with others.

We form groups of 5-8 people and work on a common project since Arduinos can be used for a wide range of creations - with lights, sensors, audio etc. You can start by reading this introduction to what Arduino is and get many ideas on projects.

Welcome to sign up for administrative and catering purposes here:

We start with coffee / tea / sandwich and networking at 17.30. Please bring your own laptop. Make sure to arrive before 18.00 when we go together to the lab in another part of the building. We continue until 20.30 and later for those who wish to stay.


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