How smart are cities? Building cities that are connected and sustainable

An EIT KICs Silicon Valley webinar, brought to you by EIT Digital and EIT Urban Mobility.

Join us for a transatlantic online panel discussion on digital technologies as an enabler of smart cities and cities as enablers of innovation. 


Wednesday, 16 September 2020 10:00-11:15 PDT / 19:00-20:15 CEST

A smart city is one that engages its citizens and connects with its infrastructure digitally, applying new technologies to address challenges such as urban mobility. These technologies will need to work together seamlessly and benefit citizens, as well as respect democratic values, diversity and citizens’ digital rights.

The dialogue will address the need to invest in more and better connectivity and open data infrastructures, as well as digital platforms to foster the sharing economy, self-driving cars and e-mobility. This will require an ecosystem of citizens, entrepreneurs and innovators, research institutes, and local governments, partnering together as “Innovation Hubs.”

Join the conversation with transatlantic leaders on the current state of “smartness” within cities in Europe and California - and the way forward.


Keynote: “From Smart Cities to Innovation Hubs”

Peter FatelnigMinister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy, Delegation of the EU to the US (Washington, DC)

Panel Discussion: 

  • Jonathan Reichental – Author, Smart Cities for Dummies (California) – Moderator
  • Melanie Grötsch – City of Munich, Department of Urban Development and Traffic Planning (EU)
  • Jill North Mariani– Innovation and New Technology Program Manager, City of San Jose (California)
  • Ulrich Ahle – CEO, FIWARE Foundation (EU)
  • Olli Andersson – Senior Vice President, Americas, Benetel (California)
  • Marvin Schönauer – COO, VEOMO (EU)



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