Health & Wellbeing Summer School @ High Tech Campus Eindhoven

In August, the Conference Centre of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven will be crowded by the EIT ICT Labs Summer School on Health & Wellbeing. Around 50 Master students and PDEng trainees take domicile at the Strip and they will work and live there for about 2 weeks. 

The theme will be introduced through Master classes and workshops on life style trends, and on ways to assess, measure (quantified self) and promote fitness and mental wellbeing. The aim of the Summer School is that the students gain business insights in bringing ICT innovations to the market. 

In project teams, students will wreck their brains to solve business cases that are delivered by partners of EIT ICT Labs and Dutch members of the Health & Wellbeing Business Community 2014. The cases will cover both applications in personal health care and consumer lifestyle. The emphasis is on developing a marketing strategy and business plan.  

The Summer School has been organised by the EIT ICT Labs Master School and the Action Line Health & Wellbeing. Master Classes will be given by experts such as:
Nick Guldemond – Developments in Health & Wellbeing
Johnny Harz Söracker – Design, value proposition, ethical & cultural aspects
René Elfrink – Corporate entrepreneurship
Marco Bevolo - Branding & Marketing
Jean Pierre Banatre – ERC view on ICT for Health & Wellbeing
Keith  Baker – What’s after lifestyle 6.0
Frank Kistemaker – Starting a business


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