Growth & Harvest course for doctoral students

If you are interested in business growth and international growth related to management issues, then the Growth & Harvest course is for you. It the the last course in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship EIT ICT Labs training programme. Students are required to have completed the Opportunity Recognition as well as the Business Modeling & Development courses prior to attending Growth & Harvest. The course is given by the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, University of Turku, and Aalto University in cooperation.

"Growth and Harvest" innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) course for PhD students


23-27 March, 2015 and 13-17 April, 2015


First week: Stockholm (EIT ICT Labs CLC in Kista), Sweden; second week: Helsinki (EIT ICT Labs CLC in Otaniemi, Espoo), Finland


EIT ICT Labs, Helsinki, Finland.

After completing the Growth and Harvest course, the doctoral candidate has an understanding of the management, dealing with competition as well as financial issues of a growing business. The Growth and Harvest focuses on the approaches and solutions for companies with global growth potential and deals with high risk - high potential ventures.

Who can attend?

All doctoral students at the partnering universities of EIT ICT Labs. For the list of the EIT ICT Labs partners, please visit:


Please register via following link: Registration link

The registration deadline is 6 March 2015

Registration is binding. If cancelled without a medical certificate later than 15.03.2015, a cancellation fee of 50 euros may be charged.

Travel and accommodation not included. For students accepted to the EIT ICT Labs doctoral programme, their host DTC can take care of the travel and accommodation costs.

More information:

Learning outcomes:

  • The ability to exploit the growth potential of own venture.
  • The ability to lead a growing firm entrepreneurially and managerially and manage the value of a company in the markets.
  • The ability to understand the roles of entrepreneur/manager and differentiate the changing role and activities of the entrepreneur/manager as the business grows.
  • Learn how to effectively manage a research, development and innovation portfolio and maintain innovativeness in a growing firm.
  • How to master different growth and harvesting strategies, ability to apply them and understand their connections to firm functions and strategy.
  • How to master business valuation and different exit strategies.
  • The ability to exploit the competition and networking knowledge in business.
  • The ability to secure the finance in a growing company.
  • How to master the basic of risk management in an organisation.

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