Green Hackfest for Green Urban Living

Hack Yourself together!

Utrecht Inc., business incubator of EIT ICT Labs' partner University of Utrecht and EIT Climate KIC, organise Green Hackfest 2014. It kicks off in Utrecht on the Netherlands National Day of Sustainability starting Friday, October 10th running through to Sunday October 12th. 

Hacking for Good... bringing together a plethora of different skills and ideas, putting them in a room - create some focus... award winning ideas, meeting great people... Network, hack and show brilliant ideas to people who hold the purse strings to thousands of euro in prize money!

It will be a 'fest' for a full weekend of massive green hacking with the theme of applied sustainability - where coders, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, hardware hackers, UX and UI specialists, scientists and others come together and brainstorm  and build out their ideas.

Green Hackfest 2014 will bring together a wide range of bright, enthusiastic people with multiple talents. Together they will use these technologies to address current Green challenges and present the results back to those attending the event.

Curious to know what's it like to be at a hackfest? Go to the Green Hackfest 2014 website for information and registration.

When: 10th - 12th October 2014
Venue: UtrechtInc,  Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht
Tel: (+31) 30 253 6169

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