Free and Safe in Cyberspace

The world’s greatest IT security and civil rights experts - including Bruce Schneier, Richard Stallman and Bart Preneel - will be engaged in intense panel sessions and TED-style keynotes, with EU civilian, defense institutions and high-assurance IT industry leaders.

The focus will be on the role of new high-assurance IT paradigms and certifications in delivering constitutionally–meaningful e-privacy to all, while preserving public safety and cyber-investigation.

The workshop is organised by the EIT Digital Action Line for Privacy, Security & Trust, led by the internationally renowned cryptographer and IT security expert Jovan Golic, together with the non-profit R&D and innovation institute Open Media Cluster, led by Rufo Guerreschi.

The main objective of the Privacy, Security and Trust Action Line is to promote business opportunities in the areas of cyber security and cyber privacy by fostering a proactive approach deploying trustworthy and transparent innovative technologies bridging the gaps between available techniques and practice.

The event will take place in Brussels on September 24th and 25th.

Please visit the event page for speakers and agenda.

Hurry to get your ticket, as only 80 seats are available!

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