First OpenDS User Convention in Eindhoven

In conjunction with AutomotiveUI 2013, the International Conference  on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications (AutomotiveUI 2013), EIT ICT Labs, DFKI, and white_c are proud to announce the first OpenDS User Convention and Tutorial Day on October 26th & 27th in the Co-location Centre Eindhoven, High Tech Campus 69, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.   

OpenDS is a newly implemented activity connected to our Action Line Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems. 

Since its market start in February 2013, the open-source driving simulation software OpenDS attracted more than two hundred users worldwide. World leading Universities like the MIT, Stanford, Harvard, KTH, and TU-Berlin are using the tool for their automotive research. The industry is enthusiastic about the project as well: Daimler, BWM, AUDI, Johnson Controls, and others are complementing their set of development-accompanying ICT tools with the freely available Java software.

The main focus of the creators of OpenDS, the Automotive Group at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, its spin-off company white_c, and the growing developer community is providing the users with a simulator incorporating standard measurements and driving tasks for a wide variety of experimental designs. Here, OpenDS closely collaborates with the Driver Interface Group at the Transportation Research Institute of the University of Michigan led by Paul Green. 

Other lines of work include creation of driving scenarios (models), physics, and interfaces to Hardware (car, cab, projection, eye-tracking, cameras, sensors…).  While the core of the Software is being developed in the project GetHomeSafe ( funded by the European Commission in Framework Programme 7, EIT ICT Labs ( have been supporting OpenDS with open-source funding and business modeling. The startup company white_c ( was founded, which provides professional support and commercial extensions for OpenDS ( 


Day 1, 26 October: User Tutorial

• Using OpenDS basic course

Day 2, 27 October (Morning): Developer Workshop
• Developing roadmap
• Contributions, contracts, codes of practices

Day 2, 27 October (Afternoon): User Convention
• Presentation of studies performed using OpenDS
• ESRI City Engine and OpenDS
• GenXDS: Generating Experiments in OpenDS
• Models, assets, and Labs (Hardware)

Directions to the EIT ICT Labs co-location centre on the High Tech Campus

More information: Erwin van Eijden, co-location centre manager EIT ICT Labs


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