Entrepreneurial Innovation Culture Workshop, in Kreuzberg (Berlin)

"The computer was invented in Berlin. Nowadays it’s the future" 

That is one of the new campaign slogans of the metropolis Berlin. The city has developed in recent years to a magnet for creative minds from around the world, who meet here on common ground to implement their ideas with fun and pioneering spirit. They meet in Berlin on fertile breeding ground for foundation. Nowhere else in Germany so many new companies in the Internet, social media, mobile business and IT are launched as here.


Entrepreneurial Innovation Culture Workshop

During the Entrepreneurial Innovation Culture Workshop at November 22nd to 23rd in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg you will meet ICT researchers from all over Europe and receive the ability to create innovative ideas and products from different perspectives during a joint development process. 

Here you will get to know the latest ICT and business trends in general and in the different disciplines as well as improve your entrepreneurial mindset. In the evening we will then embark on the pulse of Berlin and look at the "informal idea workshop” of the city - the Berlin pub scene!



Intended learning outcomes of the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • basic understanding of agile, iterative and playful development processes for entrepreneurially-minded teams
  • basic understanding of the core elements of project-based team work environment and related tools
  • basic understanding of the development of business models using the Business Model Canvas. Based on existing prototypes, participants learn in teams to systematically describe the corresponding elements of a business model and to question them in a creative way.
  • application of the NABC method for the systematic description and presentation of a (business) idea in condensed form


Target Audience

This workshop is open to PhD students and Postdocs of EIT ICT Labs affiliated partners. Considered domains are those of EIT ICT Labs Action Lines.


Registration and deadline

Please register by email to: Julian Jerlich and spread the word about the workshop to your colleagues. The deadline for registration is October 24th 2013. Seats are limited to 20 and an early registration gives you priority.


Accommodation & Travel

Accommodation costs and bookings (Motel One Berlin-Mitte) are assumed by EIT ICT Labs. Travel expenses should be covered by the participants home university.


More information

Should you have any questions, so please revert to Julian Jerlich.

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