EIT ICT Labs Round Table Discussion

Theme: Privacy and Security Issues in Smart Grids

EIT ICT Labs us organising a series of round tables on selected topics in Smart Energy Systems. The goal of such events is to bring around the table the relevant stakeholders (in particular energy companies and ICT companies) to discuss potential innovation avenues in the development of ICT for Smart Energy Systems.

The Trento event will focus on the theme of Privacy and Security Issues in Smart Grids. The major reason behind this focus is the large amount of data produced and managed by smart grids. The data will originate in part from real-time monitoring of various parameters of interest (such as generation and consumption at end points) as well as form control operations (for example, controlling the behaviour of smart appliances). Despite a number of benefits, the easy access to the smart grid data and its open nature will raise serious consumer privacy and cyber security issues, which otherwise are not present in the conventional energy infrastructure.

The Trento round table will provide participants with a deep understanding of the problems faced by energy companies and their priorities, together with knowledge on state-of-art ICT solutions that could be applied to tackle such problems. The expected outcome will be the identification of gaps in terms of regulations, policies and technology development for smart grids. 

The Round Table will take place on Tuesday, June 24 (10:00 - 16:00) at the EIT ICT Labs Trento CLC (Via Sommarive 18, Trento-Povo, Italy).

For more information please contact Rizwan Asghar or Daniele Miorandi

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